about the project

The Mental Health Zine Library is a collection of self-published DIY on all things mental health, and everything that covers. We are a small pop up archive, aiming to showcase a range of personal experiences and share them with our community in and around Tyne & Wear. 

One of the things we love about zines is how individual and personal they can be. We've been making zines with young people through strange things? Collective since 2017, and recognise what a cathartic and healing process it is to put pen to paper and make something. But hearing each others stories is just as important as writing our own, and though making zines or being creative isn't for everyone, we think anybody can benefit from them. We started the Mental Health Zine Library because we want to collect, highlight and share these personal stories by taking them into the community and making them accessible to those who need to hear them the most. 


strange things? Collective is part of the Young People's Project at Washington Mind, and the MHZL wouldn't be here if not for our supporters on Kickstarter. Our original fundraiser was successfully completed in October 2020.

You can now view our collection online by clicking here, and it's being added to all the time! The physical library is being moved to a new, Sunderland city centre venue later this year.

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