HOME: an online creative journaling workshop for Summer Streets Festival 2021

We are so excited to announce that for this years Summer Streets Festival, we at strange things? Collective/MHZL are presenting HOME - a creative journaling workshop that you can access online, in the comfort of your own home.

We’ll be giving you prompts, tips on how to find inspiration and a step by step guide through the process of artistically exploring what home means to you - through a mixture of writing, drawing, collage and more.

This isn't a scheduled, live event - you'll be able to access the interactive workshop in your own time and go at your own pace. It will be hosted on our website and will go up on the first day of Summer Streets, Friday the 16th of July. You can view the rest of this years festival programme by clicking here!

Your options for materials are limitless, so hold on to any newspaper clippings or photos you might want to use. We also have a limited number of free material packs we’ll be sending out to help with your journal making.

Wanna be the first to know when the workshop goes live? You can sign up for the mailing list (and register for your free material pack!) by clicking here.

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