Zine recommendations for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, and we know these types of national campaigns can be difficult for some people. Raising awareness and tackling stigma is an important part of mental health, but so is campaigning for more accessible and well-funded services, reduced waiting times, early intervention support and combating the barriers that prevent people from reaching out in the first place.

It means looking at the bigger picture, because all of these things are important and can't exist without the other. So we've gone through our catalogue and picked out some of our favourite zines that cover these topics, from raising awareness to accessing services, as well as themes that are less spoken about when it comes to mental health.

Drawn Poorly Issue Six: Nature

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The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Nature, and Drawn Poorly's sixth issue came out last summer, when we'd all spent the last few months indoors. It looks at the relationship between nature and wellbeing and how it makes us feel as ill/disabled people.

Madness: Get Better or Die Trying


An honest perzine from Laura Saunders, documenting experiences of depression, bulimia and other mental illness through writing, drawing and comic strips. It looks at the language we use to talk about mental health, problems accessing care, and how it's presented in book and film that Laura recommends.

That shit is going to kill you

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A raw and gorgeously printed graphic novel by Steppp telling a story of mental health and drug abuse.

Marbles Issue 5: Unfinished

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We are big fans of Marbles here at MHZL, and their fifth issue Unfinished which was released early 2020 is no exception. A glorious collection of personal essays tackling themes from self harm to anxiety , it also includes creative pieces by artist Simon Jay and a really moving poem on self-referral by Sean Wai Keung.

Gentle Reminders


A small zine from artist Almudena Rocca, reminding us of the little things we can do for ourselves every day to keep us well.

Made your own zine on mental health? We would love to add it to our collection. Get in touch by clicking here.