strange things? Collective

Formed in 2017, strange things? Collective is an arty Sunderland-based project that encourages the use of creativity as a self care tool. We were established in partnership with the mental health charity Washington Mind, to make sure we kept a focus on mental wellbeing, and make up part of their Young People's Project. We have produced a few collections of work, such as Closure, Loneliness and Progress (which you can now flick through on issuu here).

When we started strange things? Collective we wanted to be as engaging as we could with our content, because we think the personal nature of zines is what makes them so special.


We’ve always been about amplifying young people's voices and giving them an outlet to be creative, and using our skills as self care tools is fundamental to what we do. strange things? Collective is still working to serve the young people in our area, run workshops and be an advocate for our community in Sunderland.

The best way to keep up to date with our work is by following our social media pages.

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