an online creative journaling workshop.


What does home feel like to you?

Is it the blanket you tuck under your feet on a harsh, winter night? Or the comforting taste of your parents cooking? It might be a person, a photograph or even a street you haven't walked on in a painfully long time. 

As part of Summer Streets Festival 2021, we at strange things? Collective/the Mental Health Zine Library are running an online creative journaling workshop. We're giving you prompts, tips on how to find inspiration and a step by step guide through the process of artistically exploring what home means to you - through a mixture of writing, drawing, collage and more.

Who are we?


strange things? Collective is an arty Sunderland-based project that looks at how being creative (and generally making a mess) is good for our emotional well-being. We are part of the Young People's Project at the mental health charity Washington Mind, and run the Mental Health Zine Library, as well as hosting workshops and making zines with young people in our community. You can read more about our work by going here.

The Mental Health Zine Library is a collection of self-published DIY on all things mental health, and everything that covers. We are a small pop up archive, aiming to showcase a range of personal experiences and share them with our community in and around Tyne & Wear. 

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