Step 1: gathering inspiration.

Creative journaling is all about exploring your thoughts and feelings and getting them out onto the page, whatever that looks like.

We're starting the workshop by sharing techniques to get the inspiration flowing. Forgetting about the aesthetic, art bits and dropping that need to make something "perfect", I like to brainstorm some ideas over a big page and then add to it later with the other parts, which we'll go over across the later pages.


Five, five, one.

One good way to take inspiration from your daily surroundings is to do the following exercise - think about (and write down!) five things you did, five things you saw and one thing you heard. 

Go into as much detail about each of these things as you can, think about how it made you feel, and practice doing it when you remember. It helps us keep in touch with what's going on around us and our thoughts and feelings.

Your commute home.

Going back to our theme of home, and keeping in mind what you wrote during the above exercise, try and think about a time you were commuting home. It might not have been the most recent time, but one that really stuck with you for whatever reason. It might not even be your actual, physical home you were going to - but something or someone that feels familiar to you.

How do you travel? Do you drive, walk or get public transport? Is it busy or quiet? How does it feel? Are you anxious, tired or happy to be home? What sounds do you hear? How long does it last?