Step 3: textures and finishing touches.

Adding those last creative bits to your journal is one of the best parts. Use whatever you have on hand - stickers, cut up paper, plant/flower cuttings or anything you want to print out to use. Lets go through some ways to use them below.

Paper textures and adding colour.


Not just for lettering, scrapbooking and paper materials are good for creating different textures too. Cut up a bunch of shapes and use them as borders for the page, or to go between other written parts.

This is where it's good to reuse random pieces of paper or leaflets you might have laying around the house. You can use backgrounds from supermarket brochures and catalogues to make different patterns, and compliment your colour schemes with tapes and stickers. You can group images together, making a collage of food, faces or other themes you find in whatever materials you have.


Don't be frightened to add colour as you go, using paint, glitter, water colour pens or whatever else you have on hand. 

Sometimes starting out with the style, then adding substance afterwards, can be less daunting if you're feeling a bit stuck on where to start. This is why you can go backwards on steps - take whatever you find useful, in whatever order you like and apply it how you want!