Step 2: getting creative.


Cut & stick and blackout poetry.

Of course really popular method of zine making, I love using cut and stick type stuff in creative journaling too. There is something really therapeutic, I think, about cutting up letters and making something new.

Not just any sentences but also think about what words jump out at you first. In the example on the left I found the word "space" in big capital letters and went from there.

Got some leaflets or pages that are a bit text heavy? When lettering is too small to cut out or there isn't much design to it, you can use it this way instead.

Big on Tumblr back in 2013, blackout poetry is a method where you pick out key words and colour over the others to form new sentences. It can be a great starting place to build upon using the other methods once you have your words on the page, as once you've blacked out some text, you could doodle, paint or stick on top.

Printing and tracing.


Part of what ruins the process of journaling for me is that need to be aesthetically perfect - I'm not that good at drawing, and find it useful to have reference images when I am. 

Think about any pictures you might already have on hand that would be useful - when I'm thinking about home, there are dozens of examples in my camera roll that would fit. 

Don't have a printer? Use a line drawing filter or a free stencil maker online, upload your picture to turn it black and white and then trace the outline of the photo to use in your journal.